Watch A Video Explaining 10 Different Ways We Know The Earth Is Round

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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We know the Earth is round because people have told us our entire lives that the Earth is round, but have you ever wondered what the specific reasons are that allow scientists to make the claim with such certainty? Yesterday, popular YouTube channel Minute Physics published a video offering viewers ten definitive reasons the Earth has to be round, and itís already generated more than two hundred thousand views.

Go ahead and take in the reasons for yourself by watching the clip embedded belowÖ

I wonder how long it takes the powers that be to put together the graphics to go along with the voiceovers. Theyíre all so simple, informative and easy to follow. In a way, thatís the great thing about Minute Physics. By never talking down to viewers and putting out all the information in such relaxed and basic terms, itís able to offer a wonderful balance between complex, more scientific information and generic solutions everyone can follow. Consequently, the above video should be enjoyed equally by middle schoolers and PhD students.

As great as this clip is, the only thing it leaves me curious about is how many more reasons beyond ten we can use to prove the world is round. If the footage proves popular enough, maybe Minute Physics will swoop back in a few months from now and offer a ten more reasons sequel. Fingers crossed.
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