Over the past few hundred years, humanity has made incredible strides in understanding how the body works. From learning to take fingerprints to discovering and analyzing DNA, we’re getting a better grasp on our bodies as time goes by. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we know everything, and this video is a great example of that.

Goosebumps alert us to the presence of danger and marginally help when it comes to coldness, but in general, they seem pretty unnecessary to human beings, especially when we get them from music. One would imagine our bodies would have adapted the response out as the generations passed and it proved unneeded, but that hasn’t happened yet, which means evolution isn’t completely on top of its game or goosebumps have a more hidden function scientists just haven’t figured out yet.

The above video was made by popular YouTube channel ASAP Science. Like V Sauce, ASAP Science picks a fascinating topic and answers a fundamental question using a combination of interesting facts, video clips and drawings. In the past, creators have looked at why the snooze button is a bad idea and what evolution looks like on a timeline. Here’s to hoping whatever they come up with next is just as fascinating.



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