Watch This Video To Learn The Real Way To Pronounce 79 Words

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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I was an English major in college; so, what Iím about to tell you can be taken as a stone cold fact. Every single English major on the face of the Earth has one minor language-related concern that bugs the shit out of them. For example: there are some who canít stand improper grammar. Then again, there are others who fly off the handle about atrocious spelling or using improper MLA citation format or attributing famous quotations to the wrong speakers. Me? I canít handle when writers donít vary their word choice up at least a little bit.

Luckily for all of the English majors out there, Mental Flossí John Green seems to be on a one man mission to channel that nerdy rage. In the past, heís put together videos on a variety of those aforementioned stumbling blocks, and this week, he continued that trend by releasing 79 Common Mispronunciations. From the seemingly endless debate about whether or not itís a Gif with a J sound or a Gif with a G sound to how the hell you actually pronounce Jake Gyllenhaal, Greenís musings ramble in a lot of different directions and cover a lot of familiar ground, but as he points out, there are millions of people out there who actually need to be told how to pronounce words like facetious and nuclear. Beyond that, there are millions more who need to be reminded the letter c appears twice in arctic.

If youíre even a reasonably educated person, you will likely be well aware of how to pronounce most of these words, but luckily, the video remains entertaining because it allows the viewer to remind him or herself how stupid other people are. Feeling mentally superior might not be a joy they tout when youíre in elementary school, but it certainly carries some advantages in a douche bag, asshole kind of way.

Fortunately, not every video Mental Floss puts out is designed to exploit the stupidity of others. Iíve gone ahead and embedded another entry into the canon below. This one follows Green talking about 41 crazy animals people have kept as pets including a man who owns a hippo and feeds her ten gallons of coffee every single morning. Okay, so maybe it does poke fun at stupidity a little bit, but it's all in good fun. Go ahead and check out the hilarityÖ.

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