Seth Meyers Chooses SNL Election Coverage Over Live With Kelly

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago discussion comments
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Seth Meyers Chooses SNL Election Coverage Over Live With Kelly image
Given his affability, legacy and rampant awesomeness, it was sad to see Regis Philbin leave Live! With Regis and Kelly, but his absence wound up being an opportunity for the show to test dozens of potential new directions. Rather than hiring someone high profile right off the rip, producers decided to test out a slew of faces, both incredibly famous and kind of famous, in order to figure out who would best bond with Kelly Ripa. The results have actually been pretty surprising. Rather than one clear front-runner emerging, there have been at least seven or eight fill-ins who have all brought out different positive aspects of the permanent hostís personality.

One of those winning men was Seth Meyers. With an easy-going charm and years of off-the-cuff experience, he did extremely well during his stint, leading to rumors he was the leading candidate for the job. Even if that is true, it now looks like he wonít be taking the gig. Meyers told The Orlando Sentinel he realizes what a great job that would be, but he canít bring himself to leave his current position as Weekend Update host and Saturday Night Live head writer, especially with the election season coming up. The late night staple frequently produces bits that are widely talked about and replayed on other programs, but during the Presidential race, the showís commentaries are must-watch entertainment. Some have even argued their portrayals have changed the way candidates have behaved, though itís unclear how much of that is fact and how much is wishful thinking.

Meyers would have made a wonderful Live! co-host, but heís pretty damn good at the job he has now. Itís probably the right call to stay on board. Hereís to hoping Ripa is eventually paired with someone permanently who offers just as many strengths as Meyers would have.
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