TV Recap: Parks and Recreation - Boys' Club

In the fourth episode of Parks and Recreation we find Leslie schooling her coworkers on the rules of conduct – it’s a conflict of interest to accept a gift over $25. She takes possession of a wine and cheese basket sent to the office. We smell ... foreshadowing!

TV Recap: Parks and Recreation – The Reporter

With only six episodes in the queue Parks and Recreation is at the half way mark.Things seem to pick up in the third episode with a reporter signed on to cover the building of the park.

Barrymore Goes From Riches To Rags

Are you jonesing for a little Drew Barrymore? Not to worry, you don’t have to wait to see her in the roller derby film Whip It to come out … release date TBD. She’ll be making her HBO debut in Grey Gardens on Saturday at 8pm Est Time.

TV Recap: Parks And Recreation - Canvassing

If you like The Office then Parks and Recreation is your thing. It’s a female version of Michael Scott in a park setting. It’s solid, it’s funny and everyone does their job: Leslie Knope is the “quirky boss,” Mark Brendanawicz plays it “straight,”

TV Recap: Parks And Recreation - Pilot

It’s Thursday night -- The Office followed by 30 Rock, ahh, the perfect night to settle down in front of the TV. Hold on. Back it up. The Office followed by Parks & Recreation? Is this another Dateline special where they set up camp in a NJ park area to see what people will do?

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