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Modern Family Watch: Slow Down Your Neighbors

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Pritchett, Dunphy, and Pritchett-Tucker clans, and thankfully, they came back with a bang in 2011. Between the bike rides, the water guns, and the playhouse squatter, this week’s episode

Modern Family Watch: Mother Tucker

When a show is as focused on a family’s togetherness as Modern Family, you’d expect a pre-Thanksgiving episode to center around, well, Thanksgiving. Unfortunately for us, this episode deviated from the regular network Turkey Day fare, and the results were somewhat meek.

Modern Family Watch: Manny Get Your Gun

Happy Birthday, Manny! This week, on Modern Family, the clan gathers to eat, and as Manny begins to wax poetic on losing his childhood, each family member is in a funk of their own. Thankfully, we get to the bottom of the melancholy, and witness a few interesting moments along the road.

Modern Family Watch: Chirp

Last week, the Modern Family clan celebrated Halloween with a bit of a struggle. This week, illness and child pageantry took center stage, as the families tried as always, to make each other happy.

Modern Family Watch: Unplugged

This week, Modern Family went back to its roots, hitting the stride of its always-hilarious first season.

Mad Men Watch: Blowing Smoke

In grand Mad Men tradition, the build-up to the season finale is a slow and steady rush of crises. This season, after putting all their eggs in one financially unstable basket, the employees of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce might not be able to navigate their way out of their latest pickle.

Modern Family Watch: Earthquake

Earthquake!!!!! Yep, it’s natural disaster week on Modern Family, and each family in the extended clan deals with crisis in their own way.

Mad Men Watch: The Chinese Wall

Last week on Mad Men we saw Don Draper at his breaking point. This week, it seems the sentiment is contagious, as Lucky Strike’s departure puts the firm in hot water.

30 Rock Watch: When It Rains, It Pours

No week should be complete without the trials and tribulations of self-proclaimed “lovable curmudgeon” Liz Lemon, and her dysfunctional comedic compatriots.

Modern Family Watch: The Kiss

Riding the wave of it’s series-high season premiere last week, the Emmy winning comedy returned with the most speculated-upon incident of television PDA since Ellen’s smooch with Laura Dern.

Mad Men Watch: Hands And Knees

For four seasons, the identity of Don Draper has been a central theme on Mad Men. The double life led by the advertising drama's enigmatic leading man has served as the basis for nearly every facet of his lives--both professional and personal

30 Rock Watch: The Fabian Strategy

30 Rock began its fifth season as a painfully under-watched gem with a bang--an episode jam-packed with Liz Lemon eccentricities and diabolical Jack Donaghy life lessons

Modern Family Watch: The Old Wagon

As is custom with this dysfunctional gang, things don’t always go as planned, and in the second season premiere, things didn’t change much.

Mad Men Watch: The Beautiful Girls

Ida Blankenship, we hardly knew ye. This week on Mad Men, we lost our favorite curmudgeonly secretary, Peggy had an unfortunate gentleman caller, Sally ran away, and several relationships went to the next level.

Mad Men Watch: The Summer Man

After this season’s bender-filled tribulations, including last week’s fantastic episode wherein he lost his beloved Anna, and in turn made a seemingly insignificant decision to keep his office door open, Don Draper began a wholehearted attempt to turn a new leaf.

Mad Men Watch: The Suitcase

It takes a standout performance to reverse expectations, and on this week’s episode of Mad Men, Jon Hamm’s portrayal of down-and-out Don Draper did just that

Mad Men Watch: Waldorf Stories

The much-talked about Glo-Coat ad, the one that seemed to give Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce a sliver of notoriety, earned them a CLIO Award, and an opportunity to legitimately capitalize on their success.

Mad Men Watch: The Chrysanthemum And The Sword

While the success of Sterling Cooper rested completely on the laurels of Don Draper’s creative genius, scrappy upstart SCDP has taken to rely more importantly on a series of grandiose events, swindling businessmen with deceitful tactics.

Mad Men Watch: The Rejected

After last week’s glimpse at a human and sympathetic Dick Whitman, this week’s episode Mad Men brings us right back to his struggle to evolve and find his identity in the swingin’ 60’s- too young for the old boys’ club, and too old for the beatniks.

Mad Men Watch: The Good News

“Alright, gentleman, shall we begin 1965?” Joan utters as we close this week’s episode, which explored human relationships more seriously than ever this season.

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