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It was announced heading into the weekend that the planned Overwatch graphic novel, First Strike, is no longer happening. Originally planned to launch sometime this month, Lead Writer Michael Chu explained what made the team pull the plug on the whole shebang.

In short, the team at Blizzard decided that Overwatch simply isn't popular enough to warrant extra projects, such as a graphic novel telling the story of the first Overwatch strike team. And unless you've been completely turned off to gaming news this past year, you know that I'm lying straight to your faces. The truth is almost the exact opposite actually, with Chu explaining that the game has changed quite a bit over its first year on the market and, with it, so has the full arc of the story.

Michael Chu made the official announcement over on the Overwatch blog, giving a little behind the scenes info on First Strike, which was supposed to launch sometime this month with Micky Neilson handling the script and Ludo Lullabi doing the penciling. The Overwatch graphic novel was originally planned to contain a hundred pages of story that, as mentioned above, let folks know more about the first strike team to ever go on a mission for the titular organization.

According to Michael Chu, the idea for the graphic novel was being kicked around back in the early stages of Overwatch's development. An online shooter, you can only feed players so much of the world's backstory through trailers, in-game descriptions and extra tidbits on the Overwatch website. The idea was that the graphic novel format could be used to tell all kinds of canon stories through a completely separate medium.

But Overwatch caught hold like wildfire and both its roster and universe has grown in ways that the team apparently did not anticipate. Michael Chu goes on to say that the story of First Strike is still similar to its original conception but, thanks to the way the game world has organically grown over time, they've got some new ideas about how they want to see certain stories evolve.

But don't fret, Overwatch faithfuls. Michael Chu promises that the story will eventually be told, as well as other adventures within the Overwatch universe, but they're remaining tight lipped on when and how. Chu states that some of those plans will be shared in "the coming months," so keep your eyes peeled for further details.

Until then, how would you like to have these Overwatch tales delivered? Outside of graphic novels and books, we're awful fond of the idea of four-player cooperative missions that let folks actually play through the tales. Or, what about a partnership with the folks at Telltale? Or maybe Blizzard can team up with a smaller developers who has other ideas on how to tell these stories in interesting ways. We'd be interested in your own ideas in the comments below.

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