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In February, Activision cancelled open-world action game True Crime: Hong Kong. In a new interview, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg explained the reason for the decision.

"The game had been delayed twice; the budget had been increased twice; and it had ballooned to a size where it was going to have to be a pretty incredible success in order to be worth the investment that it was taking to get it done," Hirshberg told Joystiq.

The market changed dramatically since the game was first greenlit, Hirshberg said. Back then, it was possible for more titles to find sizeable audiences. However, competition has become stiffer and now only the top games end up being successes.

“The finished product was not going to be at the top of that genre," added Hirschberg. "The only reason I'm hesitating isn't due to lack of transparency. It's due to respect for the people who were making it who I think are incredibly talented and really brought their all and I don't want to say anything to disparage their efforts. That's a super-competitive genre with some of the world's best games in it."

TC: HK would have been the third game in the open-world series. It centered around an undercover operation in Hong Kong. The player would take on the role of a detective attempting to infiltrate the Triads.