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Wii And DS Multiplayer Shut Down Permanently

Today Nintendo pulled the plug on the Wi-Fi features for the Wii, DS, and DSi. This effectively removes online multiplayer from those platforms' games as well as matchmaking and leaderboards.

Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition Now Free To Download

You may not really care that The Legend of Zelda turned 25 this year, but there's a selfish reason why you should. As part of the 25th anniversary celebration, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition is now free to download on the DSi and 3DS.

DS, Wii Sell 1.5 Million This Weekend

The DS and Wii enjoyed strong sales during the Thanksgiving weekend. Never one to miss an opportunity to tout sales figures, Nintendo sent out a press release detailing the weekend's results.

Orange, Green DSi Bundles Announced

Starting this week you'll have two more DSi colors to choose from. Nintendo plans to release orange and green DSi bundles on Black Friday.

DSi, DSi XL Getting Price Cut

The DS has been kicking ass month after month in sales. Nintendo wants to press the advantage by instituting price cuts for the DSi and DSi XL.

CM4 Styles-Up Game Devices With DSi, Wii And PSP Covers

A complete line-up of the new-age accessories are currently available for gamers looking to add a little panache to their gaming lifestyle.

Music On: Electric Keyboard Arriving This June For DSiWare

Abylight announced that the Nintendo DSi will be receiving the first in a new franchise of Music On apps, called Electric Keyboard.

DSi XL Release Date, Price Revealed For North America

The DSi XL is already in stores in Japan and will hit Europe on March 5th. Today Nintendo revealed when it will arrive in North America.

DS Lite Not Dead Yet

Soon the DS Lite will be the third oldest DS model on the market. However, Nintendo isn't ready to kick it to the curb.

Dark Void Zero Coming To The DSi

Capcom announced via a blog post that a remake of a cancelled 8-bit NES version of Dark Void (entitled Dark Rift) will be making its return to the Nintendo DSi.

Black Friday DSi Bundles Announced

Starting on November 27th, Nintendo will be offering two special holiday bundles of the DSi. Each has about $20 worth of software already installed on their hard drive.

Widescreen DSi XL Coming To America, Too

Earlier today, it was revealed that Nintendo would be releasing a new wide-screen DSi in Japan and Europe. North America's getting it too, it turns out.

Wide Screen DSi LL Announced

Gaming systems tend to get slimmer with each new model but in the case of the DS, it's actually about to get fatter. Today Nintendo announced the DSi LL, with a wider screen and overall larger build than the normal DSi.

Nintendo DSi Project Mysteriously Teased By Uacari

Uacari, a French developer of a new Nintendo DSi project, announced that they are working on the upcoming and mysteriously named, Fullux.

Weekly Nintendo: Fantasy Zone II, Reel Fishing, Sudoku

This week's addition to Virtual Console is a bit more obscure than average: Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa. All you need to know is that you fly a spaceship and shoot stuff. DSiWare and WiiWare, meanwhile, received puzzle and summer-themed games.

Weekly Nintendo: SimEarth, Drill Sergeant Mindstrong, NEVES, Mini Golf, BOXLIFE

Long before creating Spore, Will Wright made a lesser-known life simulator called SimEarth. That forgotten chapter of the Sim franchise is just one of five games Nintendo has released digitally for their gaming platforms.

E3 2009: Nintendo's Canceled Handheld

Nintendo's currently dominating in hardware sales in both the console and handheld market. How'd they do it? By scrapping projects they didn't have full confidence in, according Nintendo global prez Satoru Iwata.

April 2009 Sales: Wii Fit, DS Kick Ass And Chew Bubble Gum

The NPD Group has released the US software and hardware sales figures for the month of April and guess what, Nintendo wiped the floor with everyone again. The DS had a particularly disgusting month.

Ninten-Whoa: Nintendo Does It Again With DSi

The power of Nintendo had struck gold once again. Compared to April of 2008, Nintendo doubled their shipments of the popular handheld from 414,800 in ’08 to 1,040,000 in ’09. It’s safe to say that Nintendo is not feeling the effects of this downturn.

DSiWare Launch Titles Revealed

One of the new features of the DSi, the new version of the Nintendo DS, is the Nintendo DSi Shop where you can buy games and applications online. Today Nintendo announced the five DSiWare titles that will be available for download when the DSi Shop goes online

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