What Lucasflim Thinks Of The Star Wars Battlefront 2 Loot Box Controversy
Pokemon Go's Global Catch Has Already Reached its First Goal

Niantic Labs likes to keep the events rolling out for Pokemon Go. The developers have been keen on keeping the community engaged with new content, new quests, and new community-driven goals. In fact, the latest Global Catch Challenge has already completed the first major goal.

Splatoon 2 Is Getting A Massive New Update This Week

Nintendo has big plans for Splatoon 2 owners currently having fun and making splat designs via the Nintendo Switch exclusive. The massive update is set to arrive this week with all new content, all new modes, and all new customization content for players to utilize in order to improve their Inkling.

What Lucasflim Thinks Of The Star Wars Battlefront 2 Loot Box Controversy

Star Wars Battlefront II and EA have been making a lot of headlines these past couple of weeks, testing the validity of the adage that no publicity is bad publicity. Based on a series of last-minute tweaks to the game to appease fans and some recent statements from Star Wars IP owner Disney, it sounds like maybe some publicity really ain't all that great.

WWE 2K18 NXT Generation DLC Is Now Available

Wrestling fans looking to expand their WWE 2K18 roster will be happy to know that the latest crop of combatants is ready to roll. The NXT Generation Pack is officially here.

Uncharted Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary With Free Stuff

It's hard to believe that it's already been a decade since Naughty Dog released the very first Uncharted game, and now the company has the privilege to celebrate the 10th anniversary for the Uncharted series. This celebration includes giving Uncharted fans plenty of free stuff.

Elusive Targets Are Returning To Hitman

IO Interactive being back in charge of the Hitman franchise and away from Square Enix means that the developers can do whatever it is it wants without having to worry about publisher oversight. Well, one of the first things that IO is doing is bringing the Elusive Targets back to the 2016 reboot of Hitman.

Black Friday Game Deals To Look Out For

This week we'll be heading into one of the busiest shopping days of the year: Black Friday. The deals are already rolling in as gamers prep to spend, spend, spend until their heart is content and their libraries of digital software is spilling over their video game stocking. If you need a little help in finding the best prices for games and hardware, there are a few Black Friday deals to look out for.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Launches A Day Early

If you were looking for something to keep you occupied during holiday travels this week, Nintendo has come to the rescue with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. As an added bonus, it's actually available on mobile platforms a day earlier than expected. As in, right now.

Pokemon Go Is Challenging Players To Catch An Insane Number Of Pokemon

Niantic, the team behind the popular Pokemon Go mobile game, has announced a week-long challenge tasking players to catch a ridiculous number of digital critters in exchange for communal rewards.

How Assassin's Creed Is Helping Northern California Fire Relief

If you're looking to support victims of the recent fires in Northern California, the folks at Ubisoft San Francisco have put together a special promotion that will allow you to do exactly that, as well as up your Assassin's Creed swag game.

Need For Speed: Payback Update Speeds Up Player Progression

Electronic Arts has been catching a lot of flak for just about every new game that has been released this fall, but the company is quickly on a course correction for its games, including fixing up the player progression for the recently released Need For Speed: Payback.

Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Takes Home A Major Game Of The Year Award

Nintendo's Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was one of the most critically acclaimed and best-selling games of the year across any platform. Eiji Aonuma and the rest of the more than 300-head crew at Nintendo were able to celebrate a recent win for the ultimate GOTY voted on by the gamers in the U.K.

CD Projeckt Red Promises Cyberpunk 2077 Will Be More Like The Witcher 3

One of the biggest discussions happening in gaming today is centered around consumer exploitation through microtransactions and loot boxes. It's a hearty discussion that has brought out a lot of viewpoints from different sides of the table, but one thing is for sure and it's that CD Projekt Red will not make the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 a "game as service" title.

VR FPS Gunheart Makes A Major Update, Including A New Campaign

Gunheart is earning a lot of buzz in the VR space these days and, following its most recent update, we imagine the excitement will get kicked up a notch or two. The game now supports a bunch of new missions, a story-driven campaign and more.

Did Disney Make The Call On Pulling Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransactions?

If you've been following the constant Battlefront II news, then you likely knew that EA decided to temporarily pull microtransactions from the game right before the official launch. Based on the latest buzz, though, it sounds like Disney may have had a helping hand in making that happen.

Upcoming Horror Game SOMA Has A Safe Mode

Frictional Games made waves back in 2015 with the release of _SOMA _for PC and PlayStation 4. The game was a terrifying ride through an underwater base in an attempt to escape from some genetic monstrosities. Well, the game will finally make its way to the Xbox One this holiday season.

Street Fighter 2's Ridiculous Minigame Is Now Available For VR

One of the most iconic mini-games in the history of video games is Capcom's Street Fighter II mini-game that takes place in between arcade matches where one or two players are able to duke it out in a bonus round to beat the crap out of a car while the timer counts down. Well, you'll be able to play that very same mini-game for the first time in VR.

Black Friday Xbox Deals Are Already Here

Microsoft started the Black Friday deals a week earlier than the actual Black Friday. The deals are for a majority of Xbox One games, some Xbox 360 games, and even a few of the apps that are available for the Xbox family of games.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Promises Lots Of New Content In 2018

Ubisoft's Ghost Recon: Wildlands took gaming by storm throughout 2017, becoming the best-selling multiplatform game before Destiny 2 shuffled along and took the crown. Well, given how popular the game is, it should come as no surprise that Ubisoft will be supporting Ghost Recon: Wildlands well into 2018.

Marvel Heroes Is Shutting Down

Sad news for the Marvel universe this week as we learn that Marvel Heroes, better known as Marvel Heroes Omega on console, is shutting down. If you want to get in some last-minute quests with a group of your favorite heroes, now would be the time to do it.

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