10 NES Games We Want In The Nintendo Switch Online Collection
The Walking Dead's Clementine Actress Shares Emotional Response To Telltale Games' Shutdown

While details concerning the sudden closure of Telltale games are scarce, The Walking Dead game's voice actress Melissa Hutchison has released her reaction to the shocking news.

Professional Gaming Is On The Cover Of ESPN's Magazine For The First Time

With the advent of the Battle Royale genre, headlined by games the massively popular Fortnite, one gamer has rise above them all to grace the cover of ESPN for the very first time.

Evidence PUBG May Be Coming To PS4

Microsoft decided snag exclusivity rights for the game for the Xbox One, bringing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to the console at the end of 2017.

PlayStation Now Adds The Ability To Download PS4, PS2 Games

Gamers are now able to download PS2 and PS4 games and play them offline... but there's a catch.

The PlayStation Vita Is Officially Coming To An End

It was recently made clear that the PlayStation Vita's waning support in recent years was a sign of the times and that the system is officially coming to an end.

Twitch Has Been Blocked In China

Twitch is no longer available in China, suddenly pulled from the iOS App Store in the midst of a unique time for games and gaming culture in the region.

Halo Infinite Won't Offer Loot Boxes For Real Cash

Hot on the heels of news that Halo Infinite will include microtransactions, studio head Chris Lee has taken to social media to put out some fires, promising fans that loot boxes are not part of the equation.

More Evidence A Nintendo 64 Classic May Be On The Horizon

Rumors and discussion about the N64 Classic Edition are no longer just rumors and discussion, because there has now been some element of evidence surfacing which indicates that a Nintendo 64 Classic may be on the horizon.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Reveals Some Of The Post-Release Free Content

It was recently announced exactly what sort of post-launch content gamers can expect for the first-person shooter game, and not all of it is paid DLC. In fact, some of the content you can expect to receive will actually be free.

Capcom Closes Dead Rising Studio

Despite the fact that things are looking pretty great for Capcom right now, the publisher has decided to close its Vancouver studio, the folks behind recent Dead Rising games, to consolidate efforts in Japan.

Do We Really Need All These Retro Consoles?

The "classic console" market has become as crowded as the actual console market.

Telltale Games Lays Off Majority Of Staff, Begins Process Of Shutting Down

After swapping out the CEO, restructuring the entire studio and culling a lot of properties from the line-up, things still didn't quite turn around for Telltale, and now good fortune it sought was still just outside of its grasp. Now the company is reportedly shutting down.

The Nintendo Switch Online NES Emulator Has Already Been Hacked

The Nintendo Switch Online NES app went live earlier this week and, within about a day, the application was hacked to allow installation of pretty much any other NES game you want.

WWE 2K19 Reveals Season Pass Details

For WWE 2K19, 2K Games and Yukes have unveiled everything that will be contained within the upcoming wrestling game, which features a number of familiar faces and a few of the fan-favorites that have been tearing through the ranks both on the main roster and in NXT.

Spider-Man Just Set A Record For PlayStation

Despite all the record-setting roadblocks put into place by previous PS4 exclusives, Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man has still managed to blast past all of those records and set its own pace for Sony's gaming platform, managing to sell an exorbitant amount of units within the first three days.

Sega Delays Mega Drive Retro Console, And That's Probably A Good Thing

One company working on a retro console is Sega, but there's been a spotty history with the devices. After receiving multiple complaints about the systems, Sega decided to take heed and delay the latest iteration of the retro console in order to improve its overall quality.

Nintendo Switch Online: Is It Even Worth $20?

Nintendo has finally rolled out its online program for the Switch and it's only $20, but is that actually too much?

Blind PSVR Review: Stumbling In The Dark

Blind, for PSVR asks the question: Robbed of your site and surrounded by mysteries, are your wits sharp enough to puzzle your way out of a spooky mansion?

10 NES Games We Want In The Nintendo Switch Online Collection

The Nintendo Switch Online NES collection boasts some great games, but there's always room to grow. So we've compiled a list of the 10 classics we'd like to see eventually added to the Switch's archive.

Fortnite Is Getting Referenced In An Increasing Number Of Divorce Petitions

It appears that, to some spouses, spending more time trying to score a win in Fortnite was more important than trying to patch up their barely-held-together marriage, resulting in things becoming worse for wear for various couples. In fact, Epic's Battle Royale title has managed to make it into the petitions for multiple divorce filings as the reason the marriage was beyond repair.

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