Fortnite's Take The L Emote Made An Appearance In The World Cup Finals
Gearbox Had A Hilarious Response To The Aliens: Colonial Marines Bug

Last year a modder discovered a bug in the initialization file for Gearbox Software's Aliens: Colonial Marines. The bug was actually a typo in how the initialization files. Well, Gearbox Software has responded to the recent news about the typo and the company did so in a way that is nothing short of absolutely hilarious.

Madden NFL 19 Cover Athlete Revealed

With Madden NFL 19 set to launch in just a few weeks, Electronic Arts has finally pulled back the curtain on this year's cover athlete.

Sea Of Thieves Cursed Sails Update Teases Skeleton Pirate Ships

The latest update for Sea of Thieves will introduce skeleton pirate ships, and a brand new teaser trailer for the multiplayer game gives you a firsthand look at what the new skeleton pirates will be like, and a brief glimpse at the way they traverse the large open-world space.

New The Walking Dead: The Final Season Footage Shows Clementine Has Become The Protector

The latest footage from The Walking Dead -- The Final Season was revealed during San Diego Comic-Con, showing off a version of Clementine who is finally ready to take up the title of leader.

How Joel McHale Outlasted Ninja In A Fortnite Tournament

It takes a lot of time, energy and dedication in order to become one of the best at a game like Fortnite. But, imagine that one of the very best players in the game managed to lose to an actor and comedian like Joel McHale, who doesn't even play video games. Yes, it happened, and Joel explained how.

The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners Brings The Walkers Into VR

The world of The Walking Dead is about to get more in-your-face than ever, with Skydance Interactive announcing plans to launch the first VR game set in the Robert Kirkman zombie apocalypse, Saints & Sinners.

How The Walking Dead: Our World Is Making AR Games More Social

The Walking Dead is the newest franchise to enter the world of augmented reality games and just like the TV series and the comics, in the game, there is safety in numbers.

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Has Killed Loot Boxes

Earlier in the year Warner Bros., announced that it would be removing the premium loot boxes from Middle-Earth: Shadow of War before the summer was out. Well, the company followed through with its promise and the loot boxes in the game have officially been killed.

Nintendo Labo Creators Contest Winners Include A Solar Powered Switch Accordion

Nintendo managed to really create something special with the Nintendo Labo kits. The cardboard designs may have seemed like something kind of odd and off-center, but, in reality, the setup afforded gamers the opportunity to create all sorts of unique new devices, gadgets, and even a solar-powered accordion.

Nintendo Is Bringing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, And More To San Diego Comic-Con

One of the publishers set to have a booth at this year's event to showcase some of the hotly anticipated games due for release this fall is none other than the Big N. The company will be spearheading its show at the weekend convention with the presence of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

No Man's Sky Next Trailer Shows Real Multiplayer

No Man's Sky is about to take its next giant leap forward with the introduction of enhanced ships, base-building upgrades and legitimate multiplayer support, all on display in the game's latest trailer.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies Trailer Is Full Of Magic And Machine Guns

What do a spooky mansion, the Titanic and a gladiatorial arena have in common? They're all part of the new time-hopping Zombies campaign coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

How The Walking Dead: Our World Hopes To Fix One Area That AR Games Are Falling Short

Augmented reality games are the new hot property in mobile gaming, but there's one potentially big problem with them. The Walking Dead: Our World thinks it's found a solution.

Germany Is Banning Pre-Orders Without Firm Release Dates

These days, you can practically pre-order a video game the moment someone thinks of a concept. But that's no longer the case in Germany, as a recent ruling has banned the pre-order of games with "vague" release dates.

The P.T. Fan Remake Was Just Killed By Konami

For the P.T. For PC fan project made by a 17-year-old gamer using the Unreal Engine 4, the media attention it received eventually reached the offices of Konami, and the publisher had the lawyers pull the plug on the remake.

Square Enix Apologizes For Not Making Enough Copies Of Octopath Traveler

The JRPG from Square Enix and Nintendo came out last Friday, on July 13th, and fans are already clamoring for more copies after the offerings ran dry. This prompted Square Enix to issue an apology for not making enough copies of Octopath Traveler.

This Year's Pokemon Go Fest Was A Significant Improvement Over Last Year

What a difference a year makes. It looks like Niantic learned a lot from last year's disastrous Pokemon Go Fest, with the 2018 rendition proving to be a huge step in the right direction.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Gets A Lot Better By Fixing One Typo

What if I told you that Aliens: Colonial Marines was a lot better than what people said and that the quality of the gameplay was better than what it was thought to be, but all of that was undermined by a single typo? Well, that's exactly what happened. It turns out that Aliens: Colonial Marines has gotten a lot better all thanks to a typo fix.

Fortnite's Take The L Emote Made An Appearance In The World Cup Finals

The World Cup finals took place over the weekend and even the grandest stage in professional sports is not immune to the ever-expanding Fortnite craze, including a surprise appearance from the "take the L" emote.

Rainbow Six Siege Has Started Banning Online Players For Using Hate Speech

Ubisoft has decided to step up its efforts to take the fight to those perpetuating hate speech in the first-person shooter game Rainbow Six: Siege. The company has elevated the punishments for players using hate speech in the online first-person shooter by temporarily banning players for first time offenses.

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