Nintendo Labo Lets Your Kids Build Cardboard Toys With The Switch
When The Final Fantasy XIV: Rise Of A New Sun Update Will Arrive

Square Enix's _Final Fantasy XIV _is still trucking on years later. The game is now eight years old and still receiving new updates and content. It's a real testament to a game receiving a quality overhaul and managing to maintain its audience. Well, Square isn't done yet and the company revealed when the latest update will arrive.

Stardew Valley Has Been A Huge Hit On The Nintendo Switch

What was the highest-selling digital game for the Nintendo Switch last year? Here's a hint: The game doesn't star a pointy-eared adventurer or a mustachioed former plumber. Instead, it's the indie darling Stardew Valley.

Why The Last Of Us' Director Left The Studio

The games industry can be a tough one to live and work in, even for veteran developers. After helping guide both The Last of Us and Uncharted 4 out the door at Naughty Dog, director Bruce Straley announced he would be leaving the company. With some breathing room following that decision, he's finally opened up about what made him decide to take a break.

New Web Series Focuses On The Development Of Vampyr

Dontnod Entertainment may not be working on Life Is Strange at the moment, but the studio is still focused on making character-focused, choice-driven video games. That philosophy is exemplified in the latest web series for the upcoming action-RPG, Vampyr, where Dontnod explains how it came about creating monsters with depth.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Is Getting A Physical Release

Deck Nine and Square Enix will be giving gamers even more Life Is Strange in the form of the new Life is Strange: Before The Storm physical edition.

BlizzardWorld Theme Park Map Makes Us Wish We Could Buy Tickets

While an actual theme park based on Blizzard Entertainment properties doesn't exist, there is a new purchasable print featuring BlizzardWorld, a fictional theme park based on Blizzard properties.

Twitch Just Closed A Major Deal With Disney

In yet another big move for Twitch, the company has inked a deal with Disney that sees several of the multimedia giant's top online personalities creating exclusive content for the service.

The Simpsons 'Steamed Ham' Meme Is Now A Playable Indie Game

A classic bit from The Simpsons has been all the rage on the internet lately, and one guy has gone the extra mile to just turn it into an actual video game.

Activision's CEO Is Stepping Down

After eight years with the company, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg announced that he will be stepping down from his position come March.

The Destiny 2 Apology Tour Continues

Bungie seems to be caught in a vicious cycle these days, addressing missteps made in Destiny 2 only to have those measures create fresh problems along the way.

50 Cent Wants To Make Another Video Game

If 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand wasn't enough to quench your thirst of rapper-themed action games from nearly a decade ago, well you're not alone, because rapper 50 Cent seems to feel the same way. In fact, he's not against having a third game based around his persona in order to complete the trilogy.

Minecraft Boss Is Now In Charge Of All Games At Xbox

Microsoft has decided to pull the trigger and promote the boss of Minecraft to take charge as the chief executive for strategizing Microsoft's line-up of games across the company's platforms, which includes the Xbox One and the Xbox One X for the foreseeable future.

Nintendo Sales Numbers Show The 3DS Is Far From Dead

With the Nintendo Switch taking over the marketplace with strong sales, incomparable dominance and a strong software line-up, one would assume that Nintendo has done nothing but forgotten the Nintendo 3DS. Well, you would be wrong to assume that, because the numbers show that the 3DS is far from dead.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Will Be Releasing A Bunch Of Legendary Pokemon In 2018

Niantic Labs isn't the only one doing big things with its Pokemon game. The Pokemon Company has big plans for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon throughout 2018, including releasing a lot more Legendary Pokemon throughout 2018.

Magic The Gathering Arena's In-Game Economy Explained

Wizards of the Coast unleashed some new details on the upcoming Magic: The Gathering Arena, which is a card-based PvP game not unlike Blizzard's Hearthstone. The new details cover the game's in-game economy and what the developers plan on doing with it when it does go live.

Dead By Daylight Is Adding The Saw Franchise

Dead by Daylight is gearing up to drop its eleventh killer into the multiplayer horror romp and, based on a new teaser trailer, we've got a pretty good feeling that it's another face from the silver screen.

Here's What's Coming To Xbox Game Pass In February

Don't think that Microsoft forgot about the Xbox Game Pass. It's the company's newest venture into pushing one step closer toward that all-digital future that we've been hearing about for the last five years. If you have the Game Pass or if you're interested in the Game Pass, you can check out what new titles are going to be available in February.

Fox Is working On A New Alien Game

Just like the xenomorphs themselves, new games based on the Aliens franchise keep popping up when you least expect them. For those of you who feared it was "game over, man," FoxNext Games has reportedly purchased Cold Iron Studios, who are now tackling on a new game full of Facehuggers, Chestbusters and the like.

Nintendo Labo Lets Your Kids Build Cardboard Toys With The Switch

Nintendo teased an announcement earlier this week that would reveal a "new way to play" with the Nintendo Switch. Then Nintendo Labo was revealed yesterday, and it's the most Nintendo thing we could possibly imagine. Get ready to enjoy some heavy duty papercraft.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Trailer Gives Us Our First Look At Wizarding World RPG

If you've ever dreamed of being an up-and-coming wizard attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you'll soon get the chance to do exactly that. Jam City today released the first trailer for the upcoming mobile game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, which you'll be able to play later this year.

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