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Nintendo Has Sold An Insane Number Of Switch Consoles

We already knew that Nintendo was having a banner year with the Switch, but they've finally offered a figure to help put that success into focus. That figure is a whopping 10 million consoles sold in just nine months.

Bioware's Idea For Knights Of The Old Republic 2 Would Have Been Amazing

Gamers universally love Knights of the Old Republic, the old action-RPG for PC and the OG Xbox from BioWare and LucasArts. The game received a sequel from Obsidian Entertainment, but what if BioWare had done the sequel instead? Well, we finally learned what sort of story the developers would have pursued for Knights of the Old Republic 2.

Hideo Kojima Finally Reveals Some Death Stranding Gameplay Details

If you caught the latest trailer for Death Stranding during last week's The Game Awards, then you're probably still scratching your head concerning what, exactly, the game is actually about. Thankfully, Director Hideo Kojima feels our pain, and he's finally offered a few glimpses into what folks can expect to spend their time doing while playing the game.

Bungie Promises To Bring Back Destiny 2 Content Some Players Lost

Bungie hasn't been in the good graces of its most diehard fans in recent times. The company ended up on the bad side of its own community after an XP scandal and a recent issue with inhibiting access to core content from the base game after the latest expansion released. Well, now the company is promising to bring back content that some players lost.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Will Send You To Wizarding School

It appears that 2018 might be the year of Harry Potter games. With Niantic Labs working on a Pokemon Go-style title and now Jam City being contracted by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to tackle a new game called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

New Look At Insomniac's Spider-Man Shows Off Mister Negative's Powers

When Marvel's Spider-Man hits the PlayStation 4, one of the wise-cracking web-crawler's biggest challenges will be taking down the villain Mister Negative. Outside of having a pretty fantastic name, it turns out the guy has some pretty cool powers, too.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Is Everything You Want From Street Fighter, Literally

Capcom decided to finally give fans exactly what they've always wanted: an anthology pack for Street Fighter. This isn't just any old compilation pack, this is the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, and it comes jam packed with 12 fully playable games.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Is Getting More Free DLC This Week

If you've been looking for a reason to dive back into Ghost Recon Wildlands, the folks at Ubisoft are happy to deliver. This week, a bunch of new DLC is heading to the game and, yep, it's all going to be made available free of charge.

PlayerUnknown Apologizes For Potentially Offensive Character Models

Controversy brewed over the weekend when the test server for Bluehole Studios' Playerunknown's Battlegrounds was updated and a UV map for the female player model was allegedly updated as well. Apparently, the female model angered many people, causing the developer to apologize.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Revealed New Details At PSX

If you've been craving for more information on The Last of Us: Part II ever since its original cinematic debut a year ago, you're probably going to be excited to know that some new details about the characters, location and gameplay were revealed at this year's PSX in Anaheim, California.

80s Classic WarGames Is Getting Rebooted By The Developer Of Her Story

Eko, the makers of Her Story, are working on a brand new game about cyberterrorism and the futurism of digital security. The game actually isn't all that new, given that such subject matter was already the heart of the story of WarGames, and now it's being rebooted for today's generation of high-tech digital culture.

Lynda Carter Wants You To Help Save Single Player Games In Hilarious PSA

Electronic Arts shutting down Visceral Games and basically saying that gamers aren't interested in single-player games anymore caused a massive backlash against the company. Well, Bethesda decided to poke fun at the fiasco by having the iconic _Wonder Woman _actress and Fallout 4 cast member issue a PSA to help save single-player games.

Splatoon 2's Next Splatfest Is All About Terrible Holiday Presents

Nintendo just dropped some new details for the next Splatfest for Splatoon 2 players. The multiplayer events have been ongoing since the game's release in July, with Nintendo regularly announcing different kinds of Splatfests for different regions. The latest one is all about terrible holiday presents.

Sea Of Thieves Has A Release Date And A New Trailer

Sea of Thieves is nearly ready to set sail on Xbox One and PC, with an official launch date announced via a new trailer. Get ready to hoist the anchor in early 2018.

Job Simulator Dev's Next Game Is Vacation Simulator, Of Course

Owlchemy Labs is obviously working on a new game following on the success of Job Simulator for VR HMDs like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. However, when a company focuses on VR simulators, it should come as no surprise that its next game is called Vacation Simulator.

From Software's Next Game Is A Mystery, But It Looks Bloody

We all know that From Software is working on something new; working on something big; working on something that will blow our minds away. We also know that whatever it is From Software is working on isn't Dark Souls. So what could it be? Well, the next game is a mystery, but it looks bloody.

World War Z Is The Next Co-op Zombie Shooter

Saber Interactive and Paramount Pictures made a pretty big announcement during The Game Awards 2017, revealing that there's a co-op, third-person shooter in the works for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2018. The trailer reveals what the environments will be like and where players will travel, along with a small hint at what the frantic gameplay will be like.

In The Valley Of Gods Is The next Game From The Developers Of Firewatch

Campo Santo made waves in the gaming industry back in 2016 with the outing of Firewatch. The story-oriented, adventure walking sim was a different take on the genre, infusing a bit of platforming, discovery, and interactivity with a heavy narrative. Well, Campo Santo hasrevealed In The Valley of Gods, its next title.

Nintendo Announced Bayonetta 3 For The Switch, But That's Not All

The Game Awards was a big night for Switch fans, with plenty of games on Nintendo's new console earning hardware and even a couple of new games getting announced. Bayonetta 3 was finally revealed, for instance, as well as a little something-something for newcomers to the series.

The Game Awards Forgot To Hand Out One Of Their Categories

Amidst all of the pomp and circumstance of this past week's Game Awards, it turns out the winner of one category was never officially named.

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