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New Oddworld Game Announced For Next Year

Oddworld Inhabitants and Frima Studio have announced that a new Oddworld game is in the making. They don't specify for which platforms this new game is going to arrive on but they do reveal that it's coming in 2017 and it will be unlike any of the previous Oddworld titles.

EA Denies Oddworld Buyout, Recommends Lithium For Oddworld Dev

Yesterday we ran a story about a GameIndustry.biz interview with Oddworld Inhabitant's head honcho, Lorne Lanning. The interview was full of fireworks and really got the gaming community riled up, especially when Lorne claimed that he told EA “F*ck you very much” when they attempted to buy them out. According to EA, this never happened.

Oddworld Devs Told EA To F*ck Off When They Tried To Acquire Them

We don't often hear about a lot of success stories from developers who are detached from that awful, awful life-sucking machine known as the publisher. In this case, however, Oddworld Inhabitant's Lorne Lanning wasn't going to be another victim of EA's long list of chew-you-up-and-spit-you-out-developers, and when approached for acquisition by EA he told them "F*ck you very much."

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD Now Available On PSN

Anyone up for a clean 60 frames-per second FPS in 1080p HD? If you're sitting at your computer chair waving your hand in the air saying "Ohh, ohh, ohh, I do!" it's no use, I can't see you. But it will be of some use to hobble on over to the PlayStation Store and pick up a digital copy of Stranger's Wrath right now for only $14.99.

New Oddworld In Development, Munch's Oddysee And Stranger's Wrath Coming To PC

Oddworld Inhabitants co-founder and creative director Lorne Lanning revealed today that his company is planning another game in the Oddworld universe. Also, they intend to re-release some of the previous games digitally.

Lorne Lanning Confirms New Oddworld In The Works

One of the great things about hearing there’s a new game in development for a favorite franchise is that you may be prodded to retry an old classic you love, or in the case of Lorne Lanning’s confirmation of a new Oddworld game to go back and play something you missed.

12 Days Of Christmas: An Oddworld Miracle

By the time I was in high school it was pretty well decided that I no longer was to ask for toys for Christmas. In my house “toys” was a blanket term for any entertainment item that wasn’t movies or related to movies. This included video games and video game systems.

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