Catch The First Look At Joseph Gordon Levitt In Elektra Luxx

Following his much-lauded performance this past summer in Christopher Nolan's Inception, people have been asking a really smart question: "Where has Joseph Gordon Levitt been all this time?" The truth is that since starring on 3rd Rock From The Sun as a teen, Gordon Levitt has managed to stay busy, taking roles in small, yet amazing, movies like Brick, The Lookout, and Mysterious Skin. The guy is immensely likable and has a packed schedule, one his upcoming films being Elektra Luxx.

A sequel to 2009's Women in Trouble (in which he had part in a scene after the credits), Elektra Luxx sees Gordon Levitt return as Bert Rodriguez, an egotistical and slightly stupid adult entertainment reporter. Gordon And The Whale has gotten their hands on the first look at JGL in the film, which also stars Carla Gugino (as the title character), Malin Akerman (who you can see in one of the photos), Timothy Olyphant, and Kathleen Quinlan.

Check out one of the pictures below and head over to Gordon And The Whale to see them all in full size. To get a taste of what to expect from Gordon Levitt's performance, I've also included the clip of Bert Rodriguez in Women in Trouble below.

Eric Eisenberg
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