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Child's Play Reboot Coming In 2012

I must admit to being kind of impressed by the Child's Play franchise. On paper the concept of a killer doll is absolutely ridiculous, but they actually managed to make one fairly scary movie. But then the sequels came and ruined everything. Ever since the franchise fizzled out in the mid-aughts, we've heard word of a remake, but now apparently they are making an honest try at it.

MovieWeb is reporting that with MGM pulling itself out of bankruptcy and looking to fill up their slate, a Child's Play reboot is now on the way. The biggest obstacle facing the project has been a dispute between MGM and Universal, the first studio holding the rights to the original and the latter retaining those for the sequels. Apparently a deal has been struck, however, and now the project is moving forward with a script written by Don Mancini - who wrote all of the other films - and Brad Dourif attached to star. Said to be much darker and less comedic than the last few movies, production will begin later this year and the movie will be released in 2012.

Considering how they drove the franchise into the ground I'm not sure that even the most devout Chucky fans will be too upset about this one, particularly because Mancini and Dourif are still involved. Let your word be heard in the comments section below.

Eric Eisenberg
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