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Still not really sure what to make of Chris Pine, eh? Guess he’s a leading man, even though audiences don’t think so: they stayed away from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, and they didn’t really thrill to Pine in stuff like Unstoppable (strictly a Denzel vehicle) or his attempt to be like a real hu-mon in People Like Us. But hell, maybe he’s an action star. Maybe his Star Trek legacy suggests he should be blasting stuff with guns, lazers, or some combination of the two.

Pine is set to star in The Line, according to THR. Pine would play a patrol agent with a family life in shambles as he attempts to pick up the pieces. However, a raid on a cartel places him in the care of a newly orphaned ten year old boy, who is now a target on both sides. So it’s a mixture of The Professional and your new favorite, Blood Mountain. Hopefully the twist is that the boy is actually the 45-year-old dwarf kingpin of the cartel.

This will be coming courtesy of David Gordon Green, the genre-hopping director who has returned to his formerly established professional hyperactivity. Green’s got Joe coming in April, while he’s also just wrapped on Manglehorn starring Al Pacino. The guy works enough that using Your Highness as a punchline is becoming pretty lame. The guy’s made a thousand other movies, and most of them are pretty great, including last year’s palette-cleanser Prince Avalanche. Plus, it’s totally hilarious that Your Highness exists. Be thankful.

Pine’s been soft-pedaling away from his leading man status recently. He’s popping up in a supporting role in Joe Carnahan’s possibly-upcoming Stretch, and he’ll show up as one of the tormentors in Horrible Bosses 2. He’s also part of the star-studded cast of Into The Woods, a career decision that’s likely to benefit him, surrounded by bigger names, but possibly with a chance to ham it up and be silly. On one level, it’s disappointing that Jack Ryan didn’t do too well, but on another, it must be nice to not have the weight of TWO franchises on your shoulders, informing your every decision.

The Line comes from a script by Sang Kyu Kim, a writer-producer on The Walking Dead, and it’s currently out to buyers at the Berlin International Film Market. Pine and Green are reported to be a package deal, which will likely allow the film to grab the financing it seeks. Though there’s no study about this sort of thing, given the questionable nature of recorded budgets, Green just might be one of the most cost-effective filmmakers in the business. Not necessarily the sort of title you’d imagine he’d wear after seeing his elegiac debut George Washington 14 years ago, but still.

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