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The Dark Knight Rises continues to shoot in Pittsburgh and apparently there’s still absolutely no security anywhere around the set when they’re out on the street making movie magic, because here’s yet another rather clear video of the happenings there. This one is the first to give us a look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the film, in this case shooting a scene where he’s walking through the snow near the Batmobile.

Before you actually watch the video, or any of these set videos, take a moment to consider how much of this movie you actually want to see before you see it. For everyone there’s a limit. We’ll make everything possible available to you, but it’s always up to you to decide whether or not you want to watch more video from The Dark Knight Rises set. Think about it, and if you still want to see what Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s up to, then play this:

For those of you actually intent on figuring out what’s going on here, what we know is that Gordon-Levitt is playing a Gotham City beat cop named John Blake. Blake is assigned a mysterious “special duty” by Comissioner Gordon. Whatever that duty is, apparently it involves sneaking around behind the desert-camo Tumbler while carrying a gas can. Is John Blake there to fuel Batman up when he runs low, or is he some sort of secret firebug?

Speculate away in the comments below, that’s half the fun, at least until the movie actually shows up.

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