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When it comes to modern superhero movies, it’s not enough to focus solely on the movie that’s being shown to us in the moment. We need to project ahead to possible sequels. And so, when MTV spoke with Man of Steel screenwriter David S. Goyer at the film’s New York premiere, they asked – and he answered – about connections between Zack Snyder’s film and the evolving D.C. cinematic universe.

On whether or not Goyer would be willing to follow the natural progression of this storyline and write a potential Justice League movie, the writer said, “If I were offered, I wouldn’t say no.” The problem, as clarified by Goyer, is that just because he helped write Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight movies, there’s no way that those films can be merged into Snyder’s current vision.
"The Dark Knight films do not exist in the same universe. Zack [Snyder] has gone on record. The fact that we have Wayne Industries on the satellite, Bruce Wayne exists in this universe. Lex Luthor exists in this universe. Other metahumans do exist in this universe, so the hope is, depending on how the film does, that we'll be able to roll into some other films."

So Man of Steel helps lay out a map that can lead to future D.C. movies. But they would have to reinvent a new Batman, as Goyer says the rumors of a possible Joseph Gordon-Levitt cameo in Snyder’s film is one of several unfounded notions. Obviously, Warner wants Man of Steel to be the start of something big. And Goyer has plans. He just hasn’t been asked, officially, to turn them into a JLA movie … yet.

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