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Premium Rush, the action flick that was ignored by Joseph Gordon-Levitt fans and bicycling enthusiasts alike, is coming to Blu-ray and DVD (with Ultraviolet) fairly soon. The film, which stars Gordon-Levitt as a bicycle messenger trying to deliver a dangerous package while being pursued by some very bad people will hit homes on December 21.

The world is full of bicycle enthusiasts, but apparently none of them spend much time at the movies. Despite the handsome and charming Gordon-Levitt and all the snazzy bike tricks Premium Rush promised, the film failed to even make back its $30 million budget at the box office. I didn’t catch this one, and I don’t know anyone who did, so I can’t speak to the film’s quality, but c’mon, a bike trick-filled action movie? I don’t care if Michael Shannon’s put in the best performance of his life in this shit, it’s subject matter alone would have never enticed me to show up.

The film’s lack of monetary prowess probably explains the low amount of extras on Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s set. Despite the lack of basic bonus features on the set—there won’t be deleted scenes or audio commentary—the Premium Rush Blu-ray will offer two featurettes that look at the cast and the stunts in the flick.

If you happen to be in the minority who really enjoyed the flick, or maybe have a daughter with a wall full of JGL posters, Premium Rush might be a good holiday gift to pick up. While a December 21 release is pretty last minute for Christmas gift purchases, there’s always the good old Amazon pre-order to help you out.

Premium Rush Blu-ray Extras
  • “The Starting Line – Meet The Cast”
  • “Behind The Wheels – Featurette on the Action, Stunts and Chases”