Science fiction fans haven’t been tossed about this much since the last time George Lucas opened his mouth… and then the time before that… and then the time before that. The point is, we sci-fi fans expect discontinuity from Lucas and the Star Wars universe, but from Star Trek? This is a battle scar of another type.

Two weeks ago we announced (via Variety) that J.J. Abrams was being given the reigns to the Star Trek franchise with the 11th film, which Abrams would write, direct, and produce. A week later Abrams came forward and confirmed he was the new Star Trek go-to guy, but dispelled rumors that the movie would involve the iconic characters of Kirk and Spock, especially the history-wrenching idea that the two would meet at Starfleet Academy. Ding! Time for round three.

According to Moviehole (quoting from an interview at IESB), long time Abrams friend and co-worker Greg Grunberg has admitted Kirk and Spock will be involved in the movie in re-cast, younger roles. Along with that idea, Grunberg admits the danger for the fans: Half of them are going to hate the fact that they're bringing them back, and half are going to love it. Grunberg sees Abrams attempting to bring new fans into the franchise with the move, although I have to wonder what good that is if he alienates the old ones.

Will Kirk and Spock be coming soon to a theater near you? Is Abrams twisting Star Trek fans around the way he does followers of “Lost”? Since it’s doubtful this is the last word on the subject, we’ll just have to stay tuned for more developments. As for me, I’d like to think Abrams has the intelligence to stay away from what could be a destructive move for an already damaged franchise, but then again, look at the decisions he made with “Alias”, which turned even die-hard fans away from the show at some point.

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