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Sundance Video Blog #3: Celeste And Jesse, The Raid, And A Huge Blizzard

Saturday was hands-down the worst weather I'd ever seen in Park City. The day started off with heavy snow and pretty much never let up, which made every single shuttle bus-- the crucial link to getting anywhere in town-- slow to a crawl, and walking down even the slightest incline a major challenge. By 11 p.m. or so, when it was time to line up fro the midnight movie Black Rock, the wind was howling as well, making the tent in which we waited in line shake and sometimes snow inside. When picking up my ticket for the movie, I saw the film's stars Lake Bell and Kate Bosworth step out of a car in standard-issue, ludicrously high heels. It was just 10 feet to the door, but there was so much snow and high wind that neither could get through the door without support.

I guess that's why we come up here to watch movies, right? In the video blog below Matt Patches and I go over two of the movies we saw together on Saturday, the low-key romantic comedy Celeste and Jesse Forever and the explosive Indonesian action film The Raid. I reviewed Celeste and Jesse here if you want to read more, and The Raid will actually be in theaters via Sony Pictures Classics this spring, so you can read about it all over the Internet. But if you want to hear about it from me and Matt Patches, check out the video below.

Keep checking back to this page for all of my ongoing Sundance coverage, and for more from Matt Patches, you can check out his coverage at The festival is still going strong and we're keeping busy, so there will be much more to share soon!

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend