The official Day One of Sundance was on Friday, and was a flurry of screenings for nearly every working press member in Park City, as we all scrambled to see the movies we had to see for interviews, for basic human curiosity, or for lack of something else to do given that all of our friends were in screenings. Matt Patches, my intrepid video blog partner, and I split off for a few of them, but caught enough movies in common to catch up with each other halfway through Day One to give a basic rundown. Weirdly enough, the two films-- James Marsh's documentary Project Nim (reviewed in full here) and Jim Kohlberg's true-life family drama The Music Never Stopped-- both told stories about hippies.

Check out the video below in which we run down the two movies, standing in the parking lot directly adjacent to the Holiday, the main press screening venue in Park City. Yes, that's real spectacular scenery! And yes, we we really are standing in a grocery store parking lot. It's always a mix of the incredible and the mundane at Sundance, which is totally part of the charm. Check back tomorrow for the rest of our Day One recap, and enjoy!

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