Park City, Utah has gone back to its usual state of being a quiet ski town, all the industry movers and shakers are back in New York and LA, and even the scruffy journalists like me who stuck through the festival until the bitter end have gone back home. The Sundance Film Festival is officially over, leaving a whole new crop of festival successes to try and find their way in the real world-- even those who beat the odds and found distributors now enter the whole new phase of struggling for anybody to see them.

It will be fun to watch the fates of these movies throughout the year, but before we're ready to move on, we've got to wrap things up properly. I'll have a real, full Sundance wrap-up this week, along with a few straggler interviews to run, but first here's the final video blog, recorded with me, Matt Patches and our friend Jordan Hoffman in the Salt Lake City airport as we waited for our flight out of there. We go over the winners of the jury prizes handed out the night before, and also our general feelings on seeing the festival come an end. Take a look below.

As always, if you want to catch my full Sundance coverage, you can go to this page, and for more from Matt Patches, you can check out his coverage at Jordan was covering the festival for any number of outlets, so your best bet for him is to follow him on Twitter.

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