It's a short flight from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, but it was a pretty significant one for me and Matt Patches yesterday, as we got through the first leg of our trip home from Sundance and realized, wow, it really is over. Along with Erin McCarthy, who held the camera for our last video blog, we had about an hour in the Las Vegas airport before boarding our red-eye flight and waking up in Queens at dawn. Sure, we're exhausted, but since Sundance began we haven't really stopped being exhausted, so it's not so much of a difference.

For our brief stopover Patches and I decided to discuss the year's Sundance awards, which you can read about in-depth here. We hadn't seen all the winners but had a few we wanted to point out in particular, in addition to a few we thought deserved more recognition. You can tell I feel a little rushed-- our flight was literally boarding about 100 feet away--but hopefully we at least got a few good opinions out there. There will be a full Sundance wrap-up post coming probably tomorrow, but this is the last Sundance video blog you'll see from the two of us. We've had a great time recording them, and thank you so much for watching! See you in the mountains next year-- hopefully I'll have finally gotten a decent night's sleep by then.

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