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Sometimes you have time to set up somewhere beautiful and scenic and record a video blog that captures everything worthwhile about Sundance. Otherwise you've got a few minutes to get to a party where they'll be serving the only meal you'll eat all day, and you jump on the flourescent-lit shuttle and record yourself, praying you're actually in frame. The video blog I recorded last night with special guest (and Sundance housemate) Erin McCarthy was the latter, as we were on our way from the press screening for Another Earth to a party celebrating Canadian talent at the festival (and no, that's not a euphemism). Erin, who works for Popular Mechanics, was seeing it for the sci-fi elements, though she warned me ahead of time that the low-budget film was far more a character drama than space adventure.

Set an alternate version of the present where we've discovered a planet identical to earth just behind the sun, Another Earth stars Brit Marling as a young woman coping with a car accident four years earlier, in which she drove drunk and killed the wife and young child of a local college professor (William Mapother, a.k.a. Ethan from Lost) who is struggling to survive without them. The story moves kind of parallel to the amazing astronomical discovery, until it seems to offer both people the chance to move on from the accident that changed their lives. The film was shot on a shoestring in New Haven, Connecticut, and is yet another in the recent spurt of sci-fi movies that use a limited budget and a lot of animation to tell their out-there stories.

Erin liked Another Earth a little better than I did, and you can check out the video below to find out why. Follow Erin on Twitter to hear more from her-- she's interviewing Another Earth's director and star-- and keep checking back for more Sundance updates!

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