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The 1980s were revolutionary for the action movie genre. The levels of violence were raised, catch phrases were born, and muscles and guns were celebrated. Names like Sylvester Stallone, Walter Hill, Chuck Norris, Shane Black, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joel Silver and Jean-Claude Van Damme found their niche in the genre.

But things have changed greatly snce then. New technologies, both in filmmaking and in everyday life, have completely revolutionized and changed the way action movies are made and the stories that are told, from the CGI heavy Marvel movies to the tech driven plots of the Bourne franchise. And now we have Bullet To The Head in theaters marrying the two together.

In the film, written by Alessandro Camon based on the graphic novel by Alexis Nolent, Stallone and Sung Kang star as Jimmy Bobo and Taylor Kwon, a hitman and a cop who are brought together to hunt down the man who killed Jimmy's partner and uncover a massive conspiracy. With the help of Jimmy's daughter Lisa, played by Sarah Shahi, they put together the clues and hunt for justice by any means necessary.

Prior to the film's release I had the opportunity to sit down with both director Walter Hill and stars Sung Kang and Sarah Shahi to talk about Bullet To The Head, and you can watch my interviews below.

Walter Hill

Sarah Shahi and Sung Kang

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