See Some Of The Rare Star Wars Memorabilia Will Be Housed In George Lucas’ L. A. Museum

It looks like George Lucas has finally found a place to put the museum he's trying to build for years. However, we don't need to wait for it to get built in order to see some of the material that will be inside it. The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has released a number of images of some of the material that will be part of the collection. Not all of it is Star Wars related, but as expected, a great deal of it is.

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George Lucas has been trying to build an art museum for a long time. First, the plan was for the structure to be built in Marin County, near the creator's home. Then it moved to Chicago. It looked the like the structure would end up on the shores of Lake Michigan, but a local organization fought the construction and it ended up in court. Now, after considering either San Francisco's Treasure Island or Exposition Park in Los Angles, the decision has been made to go with L.A.

The Hollywood Reporter is showing off a number of the pieces that Lucas owns and will display in the museum. As one might expect, a great deal of the material is Star Wars related. This includes concept art of characters and locations as well as models that were used in the filming of the original trilogy. However, not all of the art will be about a galaxy far, far away. Lucas also owns works by Norman Rockwell and Edgar Degas as well a collection of film art from other sources, including Disney and Warner Bros. animation.

However, for the Star Wars fan, it really looks like there will be a lot to enjoy and revel in here. A few pieces of early concept art are shown off that show how some of the spaceships and droids started their life and evolved over time. That includes this piece, showing a partially constructed C-3PO that we eventually saw in _Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. _

It's exciting to imagine the large collection that will go on display when the Lucas Museum is finally built and opened to the public. They're targeting an opening date of May 4, 2020, which will give us a long time to dream, but since there still isn't a Star Wars movie on the official release schedule after 2019 it will give us something to go do instead.

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