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Ready Player One

Ready Player One lost this most recent weekend's box office battle, but the film has still put together some serious business over the last couple weekends. Thanks to some solid international ticket sales, Ready Player One has already crossed the $300 million mark worldwide and is actually closing in on $400 million already.

Thanks to a $143 million week in China, Ready Player One actually hit the $300 million mark on Friday, meaning everything the film did over this last weekend has actually helped the movie come awfully close to hitting $400 million. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ready Player One is already Warner Bros. most successful movie ever in China. It's also the first Steven Spielberg movie to break the $300 million barrier since The Adventures of Tintin in 2011.

This is very good news for everybody involved as the film was going to need to make a reported $420 - $500 million just to break even, and with the film now having brought in an estimated $391 million, that no longer seems outside the realm of possibility. Ready Player One just opened in Germany and Poland at the end of last week and it doesn't open in Japan until April 20, so there are still regions getting a chance to see the movie for the first time, so the box office is far from done with Ready Player One.

This also makes Ready Player One the fourth highest grossing movie of the year so far and considering the fact that two of the top three are Chinese features that have seen little box office success outside of China, that's pretty impressive. Ready Player One is also the fourth highest grossing domestic movie of the year, behind Black Panther, Peter Rabbit, and Fifty Shades Freed. There's less than $20 million separating RPO from the number two spot, so there's a pretty good chance it will get there, though, the gap between Black Panther and everything else is so big that pretty much everybody except the biggest movies will be fighting for second place for the rest of the year.

Competition is about to heat up the box office, however. John Krasinski's A Quiet Place has already surprised the industry with a stronger than expected opening weekend and this weekend will see Dwayne Johnson return to the big screen in Rampage. Then, on April 27 we'll see Avengers: Infinity War arrive, and after that, the rest of the traditional summer blockbusters begin to hit in fairly quick succession.

Time will tell how Ready Player One ultimately finishes at the box office, but overall it seems like the pop culture extravaganza has been a success.