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Blendcast: Three Men And One's A Woman

So, we finally gave in. We stopped the shit-strewing and decided to give Twilight a fair shake. Well, at least sorta. Former Mz Magazine contributor Rachel Skybetter stopped by to explain why a talented, educated woman

Blendcast: Three Men and the Shop's Fattest Goose

Last week’s layaway is over; someone finally paid enough money to move Blendcast out of the backroom and into the parlors, sunrooms and conservatories of Greater America. So, steal Jesse’s Girl, motor along with Sister Christian

Blendcast: Three Men And A Jigsaw Puzzle

Then I said what about…Blendcast on Thursday? She said I think I remember the greatness, and I said, well, that’s one thing we got. Brain’s in Dallas, Trevor’s in Chicago, Mack’s in Bloomington. We’ve got a stranglehold on the Heartland this week

Blendcast: Three Men And Political Correctness Aside

How do you feel about Chipotle? Brain’s pretty down---but Mack, not feeling it so much. How about 30 Rock? Or Zombieland? Or little children swearing at their parents? We cover it all this week on the Blendcast

Blendcast: Three Men And A Wild Rumpus

George Lazenby, The Wackness, peanut butter and butter sandwiches, Boondock Saints II, mixing meats, hypothetical camping trips with DeGrassi: The Next Generation characters, Jim and Pam’s five years in the making wedding, there’s plenty to talk about or in Brain’s case guffaw at now that he’s returned from his alcoholic sabbatical

Blendcast: Three Men And A Thirst For Brains

Most things are better when they’re on time. Birthday wishes, entrée courses, periods. A regular cycle is just usually better, but as belated brouhahas go, this week’s Blendcast ain’t half bad--even if it comes to you on a Wednesday

Blendcast: Three Men And Some Rotten Conversation

Haven’t seen Surrogates yet? Well, according to Brain, you should just think about the premise and mentally imagine how the movie would play out. Don’t have any deaf friends? Listen to Trevor’s astoundingly un-P.C. impression instead

Blendcast: Three Men And A Mack Scale 7

Thirteen episodes in, and we can’t go one goddamn show without mentioning Mean Girls. It’s the bane of our existence here at the Blendcast, though if you’d have to point fingers, they’d best go toward Mack

Blendcast: Three Men, One Named Steve

Full disclosure: Brain is gone this week. If you listen to the show exclusively for his loud guffaws and vicious hatred of Heroes, it’s probably best you skip this episode

Blendcast: Three Men, None Named Steve

So, whadya watch this week? We hit up The Aristocrats, Extract, Gamer, DeGrassi, Hoarders and Watchmen, just to name a few

Blendcast: Three Men And Death Saved The Best For Peacocks

This week’s day-late episode packs a stiff load. Hocus Pocus, the Boondock Saints sequel, beer pong--it all stimulates the mind, except a three year old diatribe about Mack and Brian’s stolen remote control

Blendcast: Three Men And 100 Nazi Scalps

On this week’s episode, Trevor gushes over Tarantino’s newest, Brain explains why he didn’t enjoy his in flight movie, and Mack decides the embargo has officially passed on making inappropriate wife beating jokes about Rihanna

Blendcast: Three Men And A Teenage Suicide

Here at the Blendcast we normally frown on teenage suicide, but who are we to dictate what can and cannot be fodder for thoughtful discussion and/ or comedy? It’s all gold provided enough time has passed

Blendcast: Three Men G.I. Jonesing For A Lobster Corndog

G.I. Joe is cautiously recommended, critical darling The Hurt Locker is taken to task for a modicum of holes and last weekend’s music extravaganza Lollapalooza is reviewed. Brian talks about going to The World Series Of Beer Pong

Blendcast: Three Men And A Date With Summer

Why couldn’t you have just put the bunny back in the box? Huh? Huh, Billy Bedlam, you redneck douche bag? On this week’s Blendcast, the wonders of Con Air are discussed, Trevor gets all hot and bothered about an unlikely character in Old School and Brian tells ya’ll why he’d rather cast Jason Lee than Harry Shearer

Blendcast: Three Men And An R.O.U.S.

Oh God. Sometimes you just saunter along thinking all is well and then you have Katey Rich on the Blendcast and her appearance makes you realize just how far you have left to go as a broadcast journalist

Blendcast: Three Men And A Mudblood

On this week’s episode the masters of the verbal mulligan, Trevor Clippert, Brain Callaher and Mack Rawden, argue about whether Office Space is a better film than Gladiator, Sarah Silverman getting punched in the face

Blendcast: Three Men And The Other Famous Austrian

Who is the most desirable: Marcia Brady, Topanga Lawrence or Hermione Granger? Could Orlando Bloom take out a Roadhouse era Patrick Swayze if he had a loaded musket and four throwing stars?

Blendcast: Three Men And An Escaped Convict

Congratulations, world, on receiving the second installment of the Blendcast. Compared to last week’s trial go-round, I’d like to think this right here version is the prettier sister, the Mary to last week’s Rhoda, but honestly, I’m biased in my own favor

Blendcast: Three Men And A Racist Robot

The Blendcast is our weekly discussion of what’s happening right now in entertainment. In our maiden voyage Trevor Clippert, Brian Carraher, and Mack Rawden discuss what every man, woman, and child has on their minds...Transformers and dead celebrities

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