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Obama supporters have the "U Can't Touch This" Obama dub to enjoy in celebration of the President's election victory, but what can the Romney supporters watch to ease their pain as they accept the loss? This video may not fully assuage the Grand Old Party's grief but it does find the silver (or platinum) lining to Romney's defeat, and it's put together with a peppy song.

The YouTube channel Schmoyoho is known for setting speeches and other viral videos to catchy songs (including the Presidential debates), but in the case of this video, titled "Romney Sings Concession," rather than putting Romney's actual Concession speech to music, they replaced his words (and mouth) with their own, with a song that sums up Romney's cheerful attitude over his loss.

Ok, so not exactly pro-Romney in its amusing celebration of tax write-offs and overseas investments, but it does find the brighter side to his defeat in a funny way.

As for President Obama, you can watch him rapping "U Can't Touch This" with a speech mash-up here.

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