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Ever wondered about the origins of your favorite games and toys as a kid? Is your day job slowly sucking the life out of all your fun? Maybe you need a reminder of what fun actually is?

Writer and host John Green and Mental Floss have you covered with another hilarious and informative video, this time it's all about fun. No, not the pop punk band, but actual fun activities and the history of their origin. Green is quirky and provides some interesting commentary on the history of fun objects, theme parks and games.

First of all, I had no idea there were so many facts about mini golf, including that apparently there's a Mini Golf Sport Federation that sanctions tournaments. I had no idea anyone over the age of six enjoyed mini golf, but apparently some adults still know how to have a good time and get paid to do it. And remember kickball, the horrifying yet exciting playground sport? At one time the rulebooks said 30 players could be on the field at once, there was only one base, and you literally just kicked the ball around with no pitcher. If you've ever been kicked in the face by a kickball, you know this sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. And did you know the Super Soaker was invented by a NASA engineer? Best use of technology ever.

Mental Floss has a ton of funny yet educational videos including this video about how adult beverages got their names, which are definitely a fun object for grown ups. Another personal favorite video is where Green tests out life hacks to see if they really work. And for the hypochondriac in your life, check out this Mental Floss video on strange medical conditions. All the videos are worth the watch and who knows, maybe some of those facts will come in handy on Jeopardy someday.

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