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Tim Tebow just had the most adorable surprise meet and greet ever. The football star made the dreams of a very special superfan come true over the weekend by surprising her with hugs and kisses. Check out the heartwarming video for yourself below.

On Sunday, Time Tebow made an 89-year-old woman's day when he met her outside of her home. Margaret Henderson of Atlanta, Georgia describes herself as one of the biggest Tim Tebow fans in the world, and that admiration showed in her giddily shocked reaction to finally meeting her idol. In a video shared by TMZ, Henderson adorably shouts "Oh my God!" multiple times as she embraces Tebow and tells him that she's prayed to meet him some day. After stealing a quick kiss on the cheek, Henderson then gushed about how much she loved Tebow and his whole family.

Tim Tebow was in Atlanta to help cover the Saturday's SEC Championship Game as a commentator. Unfortunately for Tebow, his former team the Florida Gators lost the game, but his meeting with his 89-year-old superfan the next day looks to have more than lifted his spirits.

Of course, Tim Tebow hasn't been on a football field for a few years now. The superstar has instead shifted his focus to a completely different sport: baseball. And surprisingly, he's actually pretty good at it! A couple months ago, Tebow debuted his baseball prowess in a minor league game in which he managed to hit a home run on the very first pitch thrown to him. In another universe, Tebow could have been a successful baseball star all this time --- he even had the Los Angeles Angels express interest in scouting him when he was a junior in high school, but chose to focus on football instead.

In addition to a burgeoning baseball career, Tim Tebow is also making a name for himself as an author and motivational speaker. In 2011, he released his first autobiography Through My Eyes, which was named the number one sports book of that year, and he just released his autobiographical self-help book Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life's Storms at the end of October. Both books delve heavily into Tebow's devout Christianity, which has become one of his most well-known traits.

But still, although Tim Tebow isn't lifting a football anymore, doesn't mean he is going to stop lifting the spirits of his devoted fans.

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