Mississippi State Superfan Has Broken The Internet With Bonkers Viral Video

It's no secret that every sports team has its fair share of superfans. If you've ever gone to a sporting event in your life, you've walked past one or two people who are, more than likely, really into the game. Yet, even by these high standards, Terry Powell is exceptional. Celebrating his 15-minutes of fame (as he himself noted), Powell's extremely excitable pre-game interview proved, by no small margin, that he's the real deal in his love and deep-hearted affection towards Mississippi State's sporting events. Now, the clip is resonating with sporting fans everywhere around the world, and it's quickly going viral. Though it might not be exactly as it seems.

The charming interview resonates with sports fans anywhere who find themselves wildly, deeply in love with their game (or games) of choice. Because when it comes to sports, it's not just a game. It's not just a tradition either. It's a lifestyle, and Terry Powell embodies that mentally wholeheartedly. Although the rain might've dampened the spirits of Bulldog fans in the stadium, that wasn't the case for Terry. He let it be known that he is fully committed to the game, every step of the way, and in attendance at the 2018 College World Series in Omaha, Terry Powell let his intense fandom be known to the world.

As he notes in the interview, Terry Powell and his family makes tremendous sacrifices in order to attend the game. For instance, Powell casually let it be known that his "wife's boyfriend sold his prosthetic leg on Craigslist to afford me the opportunity to be here." While they reportedly get alone time, he gets to spend his time in the company of his fellow sports fans, enjoying the big game.

It's entertaining, outlandish comments like that which drive this admittedly bonkers interview, one that clearly threw even the interviewers aback in its general kookiness. But it should be noted that it's probably all an act. At least, that's what Terry Powell claims. The sports superfan said he wanted to push himself out there and allow himself to gain his 15-minutes of fame to draw further attention to Alzheimer's research. He knew his fibs would draw some good attention, and he made the most of it. The story itself might be too good to be true, but Powell is making himself famous for a noble, righteous cause.

In any case, while Terry Powell's life story isn't exactly as insane as he makes it sound in his viral daytime news interview, he embodies the goodhearted spirit of sports fan everywhere who do whatever it takes to make it a great day at the stadium.

Will Ashton

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