Demi Lovato Punched The Tooth Out Of Her Boxing Partner, Watch The Video

Demi Lovato is a fighter. The actress/musician has unquestionably dealt with a lot, especially this past year, and she is still fighting. When she decided to get inside the boxing ring, she wasn't looking to play nice. Lovato went all out, and for the person who was on the other side of her blows, it wasn't without incident. As seen in the video below, Demi Lovato got in a boxing match and in the process of throwing punches, she wound up knocking her trainer's tooth out. Talk about a knock-out.

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While we don't actually see the tooth flying out of the trainer's mouth in Demi Lovato's Instagram video, nor do we witness the fateful punch from Lovato that sprung the denticle from its gums, we do get to see the aftermath, where Jay Glazer is ringing the bell and letting the gym and, therefore, the world know that Demi Lovato knocked his tooth out. Lovato is quick to apologize, but Glazer humorously doesn't believe she's actually sorry. And in the video's description, Lovato writes that she is "sorry (not sorry)" for what happened inside the ring.

To make the matter even more surprising for the members involved, Jay Glazer was wearing a mouthguard when the tooth-flying punch occurred -- which is something Demi Lovato is happy to admit in both the video and inside the caption. Properly precautions were in place. It was ultimately the fateful punch, based on the evidence presented, that caused the tooth to escape the trainer's mouth.

It's hard to know for sure what exactly happened. Maybe Jay Glazer was in the wrong position when the punch occurred? Maybe the mouthguard was loose inside his mouth when Demi Lovato's gloved fist made contact with his face? Maybe the punch was just that forceful? Who can say for sure? No matter what happened, the evidence is clear: Lovato knocked the man's tooth straight out of his mouth, and they both have a hell of a story to tell. From their (toothless) mouths to our ears.

Sometimes in life, you roll with the punches. Other times, you are the one dishing them out. When it comes to Demi Lovato, she was giving the punches this time, and one punch in particular had quite an impact during this particular boxing training session. There is no doubt that the pop musician did some serious damage. Hopefully, Jay Glazer received properly dental care from a nearby dentist after this video was posted online. Perhaps a jar of milk is nearby. In any case, Lovato certainly did a number on her trainer. There's no doubt that she is ready to hop in the ring and fight whatever life throws her way.

When it comes to this particular training session, however, it's evident that Demi Lovato didn't exactly pull her punches. And there's a loose tooth to prove it too.

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