Slated to hit theaters on July 25 is Luc Besson's Lucy, in which Scarlett Johansson's titular character undergoes a radical experiment which unlocks the "full potential" of her mind. This gives her super strength, the ability to stop time, and a whole bunch of other powers that one can supposedly tap into by using all of your brain. This video, from AsapScience, shows you why that entire plot, while perhaps entertaining, is bullshit.

It’s a long held misconception that we only use 10% of our brains. After millions of years of evolutionary development, why would we continue to have a 90% mass of gray matter that we aren’t using? I guess it could be used for extra cushioning? Or maybe so some scientist can abuse the laws of nature and give us incredible otherworldly abilities? This video told me some things I already know, but it also schooled me on other things.

Yeah, I was one of the schmucks who thought people had a dominant side of the brain. It’s one of those things that seems to make sense because, by and large, people fit the stereotype of their strengths in character. Of course someone who spent more time drawing than doing Math will have a bit more of a creative mind. Your brain doesn’t shape who you are, which makes sense, I guess.

I’ll also admit that I didn’t recognize the additional “senses” mammals have. While I will concede the sense of passing time is fairly obvious, I feel like the ability to feel pain would fall under “touch”. I guess there’s a difference between touching and being touched? Is there a difference between touching, being touched, and touching yourself? Whoa, this is going a weird direction. Let’s move on…

Cool news for all you twentysomethings out there: alcohol does not destroy your brain cells! It does, however, weaken the receptors and can bring about some nasty side effects. Not to fear, though, as all of it is reversible over time. Drugs are in that same boat, so go nuts! (Disclaimer: don’t actually go nuts, just because it’s not as bad doesn’t mean it’s good for you).

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