If I lose a contact, my day is ruined. That brief period where you see it flutter from your hand and out of your field of vision is one of the most first-world, heart-sinking experiences you can have in life. Then I have to get down on the ground and blindly search because my vision is freaking out and it’s giving me a headache. After minutes of searching, I find out that it’s been hiding against my shirt the entire time. So often I forget this simple little trick that will make my next contact occurrence much simpler to deal with.

As the video explains, making the lens smaller for your eye allows you to see things much crisper, even if you have the vision of a mole! You’d be surprised how far you can see while doing this. One time when I was at a fast food place, and waiting for my contact prescription to get filled, I used this technique to see what was on the menu. My fiance was horrified. Turns out that using this technique can not only improve your shoddy vision in a pinch, but can also make you look like an idiot. Here we are in a semi fancy eating establishment and I’m making kid binoculars with both eyes trying to read which sandwich I want on the menu! So if you are prone to embarrassment, this is not the technique to whip out in public.

It’s also not viable if you’re attempting to do anything that requires immediate action. Do you really want to go on a drive with one hand glued to your eye like you’re sitting in the crow’s nest of the lamest pirate ship ever? Let’s remember as well that for this technique to work, you must also shut your other eye, which severely limits your field of vision. So stick to using it for finding contacts; it’ll literally change your life, but not for much else unless you have no shame.

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