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For more than two years, C.G.P. Grey has been providing YouTube users with informative, simple to understand explanations for various geographic, philosophical and knowledge-based questions, and the channel’s newest entry might just be the most important of them all. What the hell is the difference between the Netherlands and Holland?.

Sometimes referred to as the Netherlands and sometimes as Holland, the people living inside the land that houses Amsterdam refer to themselves as the Dutch but have never really bothered explaining what name they prefer for their country. Luckily, this clip explains exactly where the confusion comes from and exactly what is proper.

Take a watch below…

I love the snarky, overly clever tone the narrator takes. In theory, the subject matter could be stuffy and boring, but it actually holds your attention for the entire time because of his voicework, the cool graphics and the specific information C.G.P. Grey chooses to include.

I also appreciate how in-depth the video goes with the subject matter. It could have easily stopped with the North and South Holland explanations, but it takes the time to go further and explain what the hell is up with the various islands in the Caribbean. That’s perfect extra knowledge for someone who is very into the subject matter, and at four minutes, it doesn’t push the length too far.

If you like learning shit, C.G.P. Grey is one of the best subscribes you can make on YouTube.