When Facebook first debuted, the social networking website was simple, streamlined and effective. I’m not sure anyone bothered to check, but if they had, I’m pretty sure the site’s approval rating would have been near 100. Unfortunately, over the past few years, Mark Zuckerberg and company have pissed off a percentage of their users by introducing new features people never asked for.

Recently, comedy troop UCB decided to poke fun at Facebook’s recent failures with a video depicting a truly miserable focus group offering an employee all of the ideas many users have come to hate. Take a look at the clever hilarity below…

It’s funny how everyone has different minor issues with Facebook. For example, I couldn’t care less about not having an invite all button for events, but it always annoys me when my mini-feed is cluttered by notifications about my friends commenting on pictures of people I’ve never met before. There are few types of information I find less valuable than that.

I highly doubt Facebook executives will watch this video and alter their long-term strategy because of it, but with enough of these grumbles, it is possible the powers that be will chill out a bit and correct some of the issues people are mad about.

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