Since I was a child I’ve had this recurring dream where I’m falling. I’m standing at the top of a tall building and slip and I just fall forever. While thankful the dream is not some self fulfilling prophecy (not yet at least), I’ve always wondered what it would be like to fall from a great height. It would appear Denmark is the place of my dreams.

The SCAD is a nearly hundred foot free fall suspended over a safety net. People wishing to try are harnessed up, suspended over the net, and then dropped. Free fall speeds can reach somewhere around 55 MPH so I’m guessing that’s the reason everyone in this video is positioned a certain way when dropping. Even so, you’d have to think it stings when you finally impact with that net right?

Not necessarily. When “free fall” rides first became a thing, lots of work went into making them safe. Any ride with a free fall has to have some way of breaking momentum towards the ground. Even in rides where you are strapped in and harnessed, coming to a complete stop at the speed you’re falling would mess you up pretty bad. For this reason the net falls away an additional amount in the video upon impact and those “hell drop” rides have safety tracks that slow your descent on the way down.

One of the biggest fears that come along with these rides is always the “something could go wrong and I will die” factor. While we do occasionally read of some tragedies happening with amusement park rides every other year it seems, a lot of work goes into making these things safe. Guys get paid big bucks to ensure that you have lots of fun, and don’t die in the process. This classic web video shows that even in the worst of scenarios, you’re still safe…

By the way if you ever get a chance to take a kid who is afraid of rides on a ride with you it’s literally the best experience ever. Your ribs will be aching from laughter by the rides end, and they’ll be scarred for life.

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