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Learn Some Mind-Blowing Facts About Names With This Fascinating Video

Did you know 40% of people who live in Vietnam share the same last name? Did you know half of all Americans share the same 1712 last names? Did you know other countries including New Zealand require new parents to submit their proposed names for approval?

We might not be able to choose our own names, but numerous studies have shown what we’re called actually has an affect on our life trajectories. That is why many countries take an active role in making sure little kids don’t have to walk around with names like sex fruit. In the United States, we’re a little more hands off than most countries, but we still forbid any names involving numbers, symbols or obscenities. In addition, we don’t take too kindly to kids being named after Nazis, especially if there might also be some abuse going on inside the home.

All of this information comes from the latest video released by V Sauce. Compared to the brilliant YouTube channel’s normal efforts, this one actually sticks pretty close to the basic subject matter. That’s actually a good thing, however, because there’s so much fascinating information on the topic itself. In fact, I wish the video was about ten minutes longer and covered the specifics of a whole lot more countries.

If you’re craving some more V Sauce, you can check out the video below, which explains why human beings are so into games

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