Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have made a big impact on the charts with the fun track “Thrift Shop” and a video about looking fly with secondhand clothing options. This time around, the guys have gone a little more epic with the video for their second single “Can’t Hold Us,” which features a wintry setting, a race through the woods with sled dogs, a plane flight, and eventually a giant party on a ship that looks like it was borrowed from a Pirates of the Caribbean set.

“Can’t Hold Us” starts on a more serious note than “Thrift Shop” and offers more serious lyrical content, as well as gives fan a little more fast-rapping, which reminds me a little bit of Tech N9ne. However, ultimately, the songs beat is still quick enough that it makes for a song with a positive outlook.

According to MTV, the video was shot over 16 days and in 6 different continents. Following newfound success, it's no surprise the guys would want to go bigger and bolder with their newest video. Video aside, Lewis also explained to the outlet that he believes he and Macklemore create music to suit a certain mood.
"'Can't Hold Us,' to me, is mood music. And I think, for us, that have made so many songs that surround very concrete topics, 'Can't Hold Us' is that song that feels anthemic, it feels like a soccer game, it feels huge."

In that way, the guys have certainly succeeded, although I can’t say the same about the concept for this music video.

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