Ellie Goulding released her second studio album this fall, after Lights made her a household name. The 26-year-old singer’s second album, Halcyon, has already spawned some hits, including “Anything Could Happen” and “Figure 8,” and now the budding singer has released a music video for “Explosions,” the third single off of her sophomore album.

The haunting, slow-starting track actually makes pretty good use of black and white film in the video. The “Explosions” video follows Goulding as she performs the song on several different stages. The choral nature of the background singing in the video has a lot of fervor to it, and sort of sets up the song to tell a pretty epic story, so it’s a little surprising the focus is completely on Goulding in the video, isolating her from her audience and even her band for the most part. The song doesn’t need a lot of visual bells and whistles, but I wish that “Explosions” was a video that complimented the emotion pouring out of Goulding’s mouth.

“Explosions” has actually already charted on the UK singles chart, and even though it is a slow track, it highlights the unique timbre of Goulding’s voice. She may not have the best range, but she’s certainly a lot of fun to listen to, and since she keeps on selling out concerts, I’m not the only one who thinks so. You can order “Explosions” or even Halcyon in full over at iTunes.

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