R.E.M broke up before the band could even tour their 2011 album, Collapse into Now. It’s the only album the former band has not ever toured live, but fingers crossed, their will always be a reunion tour down the road after one or some of the band members blow through some of the money they’ve accrued over the years. Until then, you can supplement missing the band with the newest single, “Blue,” directed by none other than James Franco and featuring Liz & Dick star Lindsay Lohan.

The song discusses the “20th century collapsing into now” and Franco has determined that the landscape that best fits the lyrics is the bright and glittering Los Angeles, which always looks better at night than during the day. The whole thing seems to want to highlight how dark and dangerous, but glamorous Los Angeles is—according to Franco. There are crowded highways beaming in the night and people lined up on the sidewalk, hoping to glimpse a celebrity or attend an event. He spotlights the highlights of the city as well as some of its underbelly. If it sounds cool, it’s closer to over-the-top, but if there is one thing I can say about Franco, it’s that he’s a tryer. You can decide for yourself whether or not that’s a compliment.

More importantly, however, Patti Smith sings on the track, so if you can get through all of the weirdness of the video and the oddball spoken lyrics, you might find a few moments that are legitimately worthwhile. If not, there’s always the scantily clad Lindsay Lohan to fall back on. You know what would have been a better substitute at this point? A scantily clad Amanda Bynes.

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