The above video is entitled "Straight Rod Passing Through A Curved Hole". You're a prude if you can't handle a little innuendo when they to toss it up like that. So, to get that out of the way immediately, I'd just like to say there's something satisfying about seeing a rod slide through a hole that easily. Giggity.

Sex jokes aside, I know about this process all too well as of late, and you likely do as well. Anyone who has ever tried to move furniture in a car that isn’t equipped to handle moving said furniture knows too. You see there’s enough room, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be hard, but then you make that first push and oh the driver's side door isn’t open enough. So then you twist the object trying to not break your door and you hear another thud as a leg of a table hits your windshield. You remove the chair completely and develop a new plan entirely.

Now...with the passengers seat folded back, your driver's seat in a legally questionable position and an intolerance to stand for this table’s passive aggression any longer, you launch into a frantic sequence of action. You twist and turn and suddenly the impossible becomes possible, and what you thought was brute strength and living in the age of getting things done was actually physics at work. So all the people who will call you an idiot for moving with a small car can shove it because you were using science to get shit done.

Seriously though other than moving furniture this knowledge is pretty useless. When else would you need to know you can fit a straight rod through a curved hole? Imagine the amount of time it took to develop that machine and it only got twenty two seconds of fame in a video where the guy said the rest of the museum was terrible! Now I feel better for not wasting my life on one of those “smarty pants” science degrees.

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