The tiny town of West, Texas was rocked this evening after an out of control fire led to an explosion at a fertilizer plant. Details are still scarce on what exactly started the fire or how many people may have died or been injured but early estimates indicate the blast affected hundreds of workers as well as others nearby inside local businesses and an apartment building.

According to Fox’s Dallas affiliate, the above video was taken by a local resident who was near the scene filming the fire. He caught the exact moment of the initial explosion, and as you can see, it’s terrifying.

The town of West, Texas is located near Waco. A temporary medical facility has been erected near the site of the blast in order to help people as quickly as possible and those that can't be moved are being taken to one of several local hospitals for further treatment. Governor Rick Perry has reportedly been kept abreast of the situation, and according to CNN, he’s working to funnel in supplies.

Medical personnel have not spoken extensively about the situation we’re dealing with, but they have reportedly been treating dozens of people for lacerations and orthopedic injuries, some of which are quite serious. Because of the nature of the plant, there’s also still some concern that the remaining intact fertilizer tank could blow as well.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to everyone affected by this horrible tragedy. We will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

You can check out a photograph of the explosion courtesy of Andy Bartee’s Instagram account below…

Photo Credit: Andy Bartee

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