Anyone who has ever played soccer or hockey knows hitting the post is a sad and annoying part of the game. There’s no way to prevent it. There’s no good way to mentally cope with it. The soul-crushing ping just happens, and the shooter has no choice but to feel frustration, disappointment and later acceptance.

There’s something about hitting multiple posts on a single shot, however, that’s a whole lot more difficult to come to terms with. When a player’s shot careens off both posts, it’s not a matter of the shot being an inch too far to the side; it’s a matter of the shot being centimeters too far in one direction. With a slight gust of wind or a half rotation, the outcome would have been different. Instead, it’s just the agonizing realization of what could have been.

The above video made its way online back in March, but thanks to a Reddit thread and its inherent coolness, it has suddenly started attracting a wide audience. It features a soccer shot that somehow clanks off four posts. Even a prime David Beckham or Roberto Carlos in their infinite free kick abilities couldn’t do this if they were given one thousand chances, which could potentially make it cool if goals weren’t at such a premium.

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