Watch: Cat And Dog Behavior Demonstrated By People In This Funny Video

Comparing cats to dogs is nothing new, but at the same time, the gag certain doesn't get old, especially for those of us who love our furry little pets, in spite of their occasional overly friendly or disdainful behavior. This funny video has humans playing the roles of a cat and dog to show the contrast from one type of pet to the other and it's pretty funny.

Dogs are friendly and happy creatures. Cats are snobby and antisocial. Ok, I'm sure those stereotypes don't always apply, but they sure are funny to play with, and that comes through really well in this video (via The Mary Sue/Huff Post), which was uploaded to the Fat Awesome Films YouTube Channel. Whether you're a cat lover or dog enthusiast, take 2 minutes and 30 seconds to watch this funny sequence of events play out as one guy interacts with his "cat" and "dog" friends.

The "cat" knocking over the glass had me laughing out loud, particularly because I will almost never leave a glass of anything around my house for fear that the cat will discover it and knock it onto the floor. I've witnessed her do this on more than one occasion (and found spilled glasses on many others). If someone knows why cats do this, please feel free to comment below! The same applies to a dog's appetite for vomit, though I suppose that falls under the rule about dogs eating anything. So if you want to comment to let us know the strangest thing your dog has eaten, go right ahead!

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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