It’s almost always the husband/ boyfriend/ ex-boyfriend/ ex-husband when a woman gets murdered or goes missing. That’s what obsessive viewing of Investigation Discovery has taught me. Now and again, however, it isn’t. Now and again, there’s something profoundly bizarre going on, and this video is a great testament to that.

Popular YouTube channel V Sauce always takes a look at the oddities of life, but this week, host Michael decided to take a look at the odd limbo between life and death, at least in the eyes of others. Over the course of human history, numerous people have been pronounced dead that haven’t actually been dead. Beyond that, numerous dead bodies have been discovered that no one can find any record of having ever been alive. Science can tell us their approximate ages or their sexes, but it can’t tell us anything about who they were.

Take for example the odd case of Whitney Cerak who was involved in a horrific car accident that took the lives of four of her friends. Police pronounced her dead at the scene and a funeral was held by her family. Hundreds of people showed up, but when the one survivor of the crash woke up from her coma, she turned out to be Cerak. The girl they buried was actually her friend, who was originally thought to be the girl in the coma. Years later, Cerak wound up getting married at the same church her funeral was held in, possibly one of the only people in the history of Earth to be able to say that.

To watch another wonderful V Sauce video, you can “Why Do We Play Games?” below…

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