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Just because we all agree a strawberry is red doesn’t necessarily mean our brains are all processing that red in the same way. In fact, what I consider red could be lighter or darker than what you consider red, but we would never know it because we’ve both learned to call that particular tint red.

That’s the theory behind V Sauce’s fascinating new video that covers not only the spectrum of colors but also the gap between what we’re able to explain to each other. Take a look at the education greatness below…

The great thing about V Sauce’s videos is how he’s able to meander without ever really going off topic. It’s all at least loosely related, and ultimately, it builds a knowledge base that circles around to our inability to understand the specifics of how others are interpreting the world. As complicated and brilliant as our language is, there are serious gaps in what it allows us to communicate.

We might not think of YouTube as a great center of knowledge and understanding, but the website is filled with an incredible amount of information if users look in the right places. Following V Sauce would be a good start.