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Watching pro basketball on TV does a couple of things for you that you just can't get out of an experience at the actual game. First of all, I could eat myself sick on the amount of money I spend on one warm beer at a Bulls' game and there are scheduled breaks for things like stretching and refilling my cup. Another thing you miss when you're courtside is the commentary from talented sports anchors and perhaps more importantly, the hysterical video bombs that happen during interviews throughout the season from just about every NBA team.

A hilarious YouTube video from the official NBA page shows all the best video bombs of the 2013-2014 season. Hipper viewers have been noticing these great little moments for years, but the fact that the NBA is so aware of this happening that they made an entire video reel means it's now officially a thing. My personal favorite is poor Jared Dudley of the LA Clippers getting his headband readjusted and eventually stolen by his teammates during an interview. I just want to give him a hug and give him that blue headgear back. The players can't get enough of messing with their buddies on camera, and the anchors even get a chuckle in.

The point seems to be to get your teammate to mess up, laugh or just totally botch the interview. From pouring water on someone's head, to doing cartwheels or making creepy faces and lurking in the background, the players definitely accomplish their goal. Even the mascots get in on the fun, including my home team Bulls beloved mascot Benny who wanders behind the anchors asking, “Don't Put Me on Camera,” with a sign. It's great that the teams and commentators have such a good relationship that this horseplay is tolerated and generally accepted as fun.

Check out this video below of some amazing dunks from the 2013-2014 video from the NBA's YouTube page. I know some people don't like dunking, as it sort of seems like show boating, but I can't help but be envious of anyone who can get enough air to accomplish one. I unfortunately will never be able to live out my NBA dreams stemming from a childhood filled with Michael Jordan and Space Jam , but I'm glad there are some talented folks out there who I can live vicariously through.