Newest in the series of ZeFrank’s “True Facts” videos is the tale of the naked mole rat, which tunnels underground and can move adeptly both forwards and backwards. A naked mole rat lives in a complex hierarchal society with 70 individuals or more, led by a queen (who has all the babies) and featuring groups of soldier naked mole rats and worker naked mole rats. Don’t take it from me, though, just watch the video above and catch plenty of jokes about the naked mole rat’s name, as well as the creepy appearance of the species.

If you think the naked mole rat is creepy, you ain’t seen nothing. The anglerfish is by far the creepiest creature I have ever encountered in a video of this sort, and while the naked mole rat is a poor, unfortunate looking soul, at least that mammal is immune to cancer and overall lives a pretty decent rodent-life, hunting for an eating root vegetables.

The narrator in these videos always gives us plenty of true facts along with plenty of quick-witted and amusing jokes, and if you haven’t caught any other gems in the series, you should be sure to do so. I’d start with the sloths and work my way in to the dung beetle and the praying mantis. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you happen to learn a few off-color facts.