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There are a lot of great things about college. From being on your own to meeting like-minded people to getting up to dumb, usually consequence-less bullshit, the old stand-bys are discussed a lot, but some of the more cool things that are a little more wholesome more often fall by the wayside: for example how cool it is to plan your own schedule.

Sure, there are always random classes you have to work in like calculus and English, but more often than not, there is room for at least one completely random slice of wonder on any subject that sounds like a good time. For example: during my time at Indiana University, I took a class on Charlie Chaplin. I took another one on The Bible and I took at least two on cooking. At the time, I thought I sought out and took more than enough weirdos, but after watching this video, I think I should have tried to get a little stranger.

Put together by Mental Floss, the footage takes a look at many of the crazier classes offered by universities. They include but are not limited to ones on South Park, ones on Mad Men, ones on beauty pageants and ones on the pork industry. There are more than a few I’d trip all over myself to take, and there are quite a few I would never ever take unless they were requirements for my major. Luckily for the professors, however, there are clearly others who are more than willing to check them out.

If you feel like wathing some more Mental Floss, I’ve gone ahead and embedded another edition of the show below. Here’s the origins of 42 popular pharses

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